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Just like they did in Roman times, nudist guys compete au natural in sporting events and other athletic competitions.   Men and boys jump rope, swim, play pool, bow and race.

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Athletic Scenes

Nudist boys and men compete in lakeside sporting contests and games.   A great time is had by all.   Human pyramid, jump rope, ball games and races.

60 minutes DVD $60.00
















Sport Rally

Come one, come all. Huge turnout. Calisthenics, ball games, team competitions. Variety galore.

  60 minutes DVD $60.00



bowl6x.jpg (16915 bytes)Natura Bowl Tournament
A day of team bowling for the guys.  Large turnout, terrific atmosphere and loads of fun.

60 minutes VHS $60.00





splish1x.jpg (17513 bytes)Splish-Splash Bares
Several hundred naturists celebrate their love of swimming and camaraderie at a local spa.   Pool parade, dancing, mini-slide, water games.  Wonderful spirit.  Full family participation.

60 minutes VHS $60.00





Women's Water Workout
A morning of lively water exercises set to music. Overflow participants ring the pool.

  60 minutes VHS $50.00





workbd4x.jpg (17457 bytes)Let's Work That Body
3 different exercise aerobics classes capture on video.  Naturist people young and old sweat and strain to the intense workout of award winning aerobics instructor.  Hundreds participate.

60 minutes VHS $60.00
DVD $70.00





studen3x.jpg (16310 bytes)Student Naturist Club
An energized group of students get together for outdoor games.   Then off to party, sauna, and jump in the pool.  Music, dancing, billiards and fun.  Big crowd.

60 minutes VHS $60.00
DVD $70.00





fkkcom5x.jpg (17845 bytes)fkkcom3x.jpg (17919 bytes)FKK Come and Play
A rousing day of organized gym activities, games and fun. Filled with energy from start to finish.  Over 200 in attendance.  Full family participation.

60 minutes VHS $60.00




Europa Swimming Pool

Happy-go-lucky day of swim races interspersed with 3-meter springboard diving and springboard leaping. Join this large group of naturist guys as they spend a rainy Saturday together.  The kids went wild for raft games.  Kids, teens, and dads squared off for pool contests. 

  60 minutes DVD $60.00



Naturist Olympiada
In honor of the Atlanta-based Olympic games, this large and enthusiastic group exhibited their own athletic abilities.

  90 minutes  DVD $60.00



Sun-Fit Competitions
Physical prowess is on display as throngs of participants light up the gym with an outpouring of energy.

  60 minutes VHS $50.00




Capkarna Gym

Swimming pool games, diving, daring jumps from the springboard. Gymnastics, indoor soccer.

  55 minutes $45.00


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