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Teen Nudists Pageant:  Naturist Videos of Body Painting, Talent and Teen and Preteen Contests.

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Contests #7

Year 2001  Pageant.  Registration, introductions and the naturist pageant itself. Twelve Contestants.

DVD 80 minutes $120.00



Contests #5

Year 2000 Junior Miss Pageant, vol.1.  Registration, introductions and the pageant itself   13 new contestants in one of the best Naturist contest videos yet!

75 minutes DVD $140.00 



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Year 1999 Junior Miss Pageant, vol. 1, part 2. European preteen nudist beauty contest.

DVD 55 minutes $120.00





web9.jpg (20236 bytes)NC6

Year 1999 Junior Miss Pageant, vol. 1, part 1. Summertime along the Mediterranean is filled with games, contests and leisure. Contestants prepare for a European nudist beauty contest.

 DVD 50 minutes $105.00



Teen NudistContests #3

Year 1999 Junior Miss Pageant, vol. 3.  French preteen and teen nudist beauty contest.  The best scenes and the highest resolution from the year 1999 French pageants.

DVD 50 minutes $120.00




colors2x.jpg (19079 bytes)The Colors of Naturism
Body painting par excellance!  280 naturist decorated and colored their bodies for fun and prizes.  A contest and pose off was held for the overall best.

60 minutes $60.00 VHS
$70.00 DVD




Antosovice Pageant

Historic first for Czechoslovakia. Photogenic and personality pageant. Over 300 attendees.

75 minutes DVD $60.00




EuroFestPag1b.jpg (19544 bytes)

EuroFestPag2.jpg (19084 bytes)EURO-FEST PAGEANT - PART 1 and Part 2

Hundreds of naturists turned out for a pageant showcasing personality, poise, talent and skits. Adults take center stage, later followed by the teens.  Finally, the Teens and munchkins entertain the crowd.

120 min. $70.00 DVD




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