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Authentic video of European naturist men, women and children.  Nudist videos below are exclusive videos available nowhere else in the world capturing the spectacular nudist beaches of France.  

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bike trick

nudist girl on beach

dart contest

The nudist children of Montalivet, France enjoy summer at the beach with contests, bike riding, and other outdoor activities.    

approx. 1 hour   DVD  $60.00

boys building castle


Continuing from part one the kids enjoy summer at the beach with body mud painting, a petting zoo, playing in a pool and more..

approx. 1 hour   DVD  $60.00


Creative party planners arrange some pretty innovative party games, sure to bring a smile to anyone watching.  Their party goers skills of balance, aim  and coordination are put to the test.   Careful with that egg!

1 hour   VHS $50.00
1 hour  DVD $60.00



Travel to a glorious beach in Odessa and enjoy sun, sand and surf with these Ukrainian Naturists.   Families soak up the sun while the kids climb, swim and practice body painting.

1 hour VHS  $50.00
DVD $60.00



A one of a kind French Naturist video of the children of Montalivet.   This town in Southern France that is devoted to Naturism with nude beaches, hotels, restaurants, and public nudity in the banks, grocery stores, etc.   Today cameras of any kind are banned from the beaches but this video was filmed just before the ban in the late 1990's and is released here for the time ever.

60 minutes DVD $60.00


sailtitle.jpg (12401 bytes)

sailweb22.jpg (21661 bytes) Warm weather and smooth seas prompt three Russian families to take a day's vacation, sailing to a private island and exploring the island's ruins.   Filmed on high resolution digital video cameras creating beautiful and vivid scenery.

1 hour Video $50.00
1 hour DVD  $60.00

sailweb09.jpg (20969 bytes)


momdau3x.jpg (17969 bytes)Nudist Moms  and Daughters

The strong bond between moms and daughters is caught on video as this large group enjoys a Saturday together.  Splashing in the pool, cosmetics, hair styling.  All female.

60 minutes VHS $60.00





asfam07.jpg (19437 bytes)asfam05.jpg (17888 bytes)Sun Family Festival

The coming of spring was never more aptly captured on video as this very large crowd of nudist families gathered for a day to be remembered forever.  Games, playfulness, music and total exhilaration.

60 minutes $60.00




acamp08.jpg (21236 bytes)acamp05.jpg (20416 bytes)Nudist Camp Photo Shoot
One of the most interesting videos we've ever shot.  Join us as we follow photographer Jan Barnet around photographing naturist subjects in an idyllic mountain retreat.  Gorgeous day, huge crowd, terrific spirit.

60 minutes VHS $60.00




youth1.jpg (31890 bytes)youth4.jpg (24415 bytes)Nudist Youth Weekend

It's off to the mountains for this nudist youth group to enjoy a weekend of fresh air and fun.  A mountain cottage sets the scene as these nudist young people participate in out door games, a cookout, and more, in this healthy salute to the naturist lifestyle.

60 minutes VHS $60.00
DVD $70.00


Havirov Pool Party

Europe's youth have their day. Party games, pool splashing, garden walks. Energy, excitement, merriment.

55 minutes VHS $45.00




Camp Nudist

Adults join the kids for a day of canoe riding, soccer, leapfrog, volleyball and more.

50 minutes DVD $60.00




V. P. Garden Party

"Garden of Eden" setting for jacuzzi, sunning, trail-walking in the pastoral wonderful. Family bliss.

60 minutes DVD $60.00




fkkfun4x.jpg (18562 bytes)fkkfun6x.jpg (19437 bytes)FKK Fun Fun Fun

A visit to two scenic outdoor locations as we observe hundreds of nudists enjoying hot weather and cool waters.  Also - fun times on the luftburg, a large inflatable device. Full family participation.

60 minutes VHS $60.00
DVD $70.00




ankeds04.jpg (19323 bytes)ankeds05.jpg (17923 bytes)Naked Sun, Naked Fun

Join us in 2 different locations as hundreds of nudist families join together for sport games, pool pleasures and bonding under the hot summer sun.

60 minutes VHS $60.00
DVD $70.00





nudgth2x.jpg (19987 bytes)A Gathering of Nudists

Nudist families came in from all over eastern Europe for an outdoor celebration of the nudist spirit.  Games, songs, fire gathering, pool activities and more.  What a crowd!

60 minutes VHS $60.00
DVD $70.00





Euro-Nudists Speak Out
Families and friends from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Yugoslavia and Russia speak out on camera about who they are.   A nudist video classic.

60 minutes VHS $60.00




bridge05.jpg (18908 bytes)

bridgestitle.jpg (9286 bytes)

bridges21.jpg (18594 bytes)
bridges16.jpg (19211 bytes) Enjoy a day of building bridges Naturist style. The teen girls from the Holy Nature team renovate the nature trail leading out to Karellian Lakes. At the end of the day the afternoon sun is perfect for practicing photography around the picturesque lake.

1 hour DVD $60.00

bridges06.jpg (20607 bytes)


05 copy4.jpg (18820 bytes)  

july.jpg (8734 bytes)
"Interviews and Fun on the Beach"


12 copy.jpg (14947 bytes)
The Russians greet Daniel Ramirez, our videographer, with typical American 4th of July activities. Mikhail also interviews key people in the Naturist movement (President of the local Green Party top left and 'The Healer' bottom left.)

approx. 1 hour DVD $60.00

23 copy.jpg (17615 bytes)


19 copy.jpg (21824 bytes)  

Finnish.jpg (8692 bytes)
"Summer of '98"


11 copy.jpg (12961 bytes)
04 copy.jpg (19010 bytes) In St. Petersburg, Russia this beach attracts Naturists by the hundreds in Summer. The water actually gets warm enough for swimming (remarkable given that the climate here is the same as the climate in Anchorage, Alaska.)

approx. 1 hour DVD $60.00

31 copy.jpg (20388 bytes)


riosite1.jpg (13893 bytes)riosite2.jpg (12142 bytes)Rio the Video
This new video title, sold exclusively by Body-n-Mind, is a well done amateur video that presents the distinctive bathing attire of the Brazilians in Rio de Janeiro's most infamous beach, Copacobana -- home of the G-string bikini.  A fun and colorful video that includes the scenic beauty of the mountains, ocean, islands, hotels, and beachgoers.

DVD 35 minutes $40.00


Country Cottage Naturists

Singing, dancing, exploration of the cottage and garden. Playfulness, rest and relaxation. Idyllic day.

55 minutes DVD $60.00



Naturist France Deluxe I Taken in a Naturist resort in La Sabliere. The video provides you a tour of the sports, activities, kids petting zoo, underwater ballet, naked excursions to spring, caves, and medieval castle at this beautiful resort.

Video 55 min. $50.00




Naturist France Deluxe II A four-star resort popular with young families, where you can enjoy naked sports, teenagers' diving and badminton, kids' paper mache and pool disco, canoeing, playgrounds, a walk to the Medieval castle, and a special Bastille Day carnival with lots of kids' games.

Video 55 min. $50.00


Naturist France Deluxe III Taken in a Naturist resort in Belezy. Take a tour of this elegant resort with huge pool, hydrotherapy center, sports, activities, poolside massage.

Video 55 min. $50.00




Naturist France Deluxe IV Beautiful La Sabliere, the gem of French resorts! Welcome party, silk painting, pottery, teenage girl interview, kids' gold panning, family group at river, tennis, archery, walks, kids' underwater ballet.

Video 55 min. $50.00





Naturist France Deluxe V  Family playing and lolling in river, kids and teenagers at pool, canoeing, bookbinding, massage, aquagym, stretching, teenagers' frisbee and underwater ballet.

Video 55 min. $50.00





Naturist France Deluxe VI  Family playing and lolling in river, kids and teenagers at pool, canoeing, bookbinding, massage, aquagym, stretching, teenagers' frisbee and underwater ballet.

Video 38 min. $40.00





nfd7a.jpg (28639 bytes)


Naturist France Deluxe VII  Adults and children enjoying the river and mountains in Naturist resort in Roshelle, France.

Video 58 min. $50.00





nfd8e.jpg (19849 bytes)


Naturist France Deluxe VIII  Family enjoys hiking, walking, camping and hiking at Naturist resort, La Petite Brenne, in France.

Video 41 min. $50.00






more.jpg (10876 bytes)

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