jock2000coversmall.jpg (13715 bytes)jock2000asmall.jpg (9539 bytes)Jock Sturges: New Work 1997-2000

Building on his first monograph, Jock Sturges, presents us with a new body of work that strikes the same chords of beauty and evolution that we find in his earlier images, but with a more intense dramatic and metaphoric intention. The new photographs include diptychs of clothed/nude models, pictures of true mutual trust, as well as never-before seen color photographs! This large format book takes direct aim at Jock Sturges' long-standing vision as his large format, 8x10 view-camera always demanded the large exhibition prints that were to follow. Thanks to the brilliant combination of computer-driven advances in modern printing techniques and the old-world attention to detail and craftsmanship, this book sets a new standard for the reproduction of artworks.  

Hardcover - 112 pages - Very Large Clear Color and B/W Images (December 2000) $55.00



A Place in the Sun  by David Hamilton   "Each person's idea of a place in the sun, their personal Utopia, is quite different...This book is an invitation to a visual journey around the world, with Hamilton playing the guide and allowing us a glimpse of his own place in the sun."  The photographs are of Tahitian landscapes, lush garden scenes, and images of beautiful young women. David Hamilton has undergone considerable criticism for his work with young women. However, the beauty of his work transcends any controversy and invites the reader into Hamilton's vision of Utopia.

Hardcover 10"x11" Color 200 p.p. $39.95





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Twenty Five Years of an Artist by David Hamilton This reprint of the 1993 title is, without a doubt, the most complete collection of David Hamilton's work. Over 1,000 images along with text describing the history of the artist and his work. If a collector planned on owning just one Hamilton title, this would be the title to choose. Copies of this title sold for as much as $400 after the original printing sold out.

Hardcover, Color and Black/White, over 300 pages, 9" x 11 1/2" $55.00





Radiant Identities Photographs by Jock Sturges The photographs of Jock Sturges are the record of the people he cherishes: mothers and daughters, friends and children. Whether photographing on Naturist beaches in the south of France, or in the communes of northern California, Sturges is at home with his subjects. 60 black-and-white duotone photographs. An excellent book that sells out quickly.



Softcover b&w $29.95





The Last Day of Summer Photographs by Jock Sturges In 1990, the FBI entered Sturges's studio and seized his work, claiming violation of child pornography laws. Citizens, artists, and the media responded with outrage. With The Last Day of Summer, Aperature accords Sturges's vision the dignity and respect it so richly deserves. 60 black-and-white duotone photographs.


Softcover b&w $29.95





Jock Sturges (Museum f�r Moderne...), Frankfurt am Main Photographs by Jock Sturges This is the largest and latest title by renowned photographer, Jock Sturges. This huge hard cover book of Jock Sturges' pictures, most not published before, will certainly be a collector's edition. This book contains over 200 beautiful pictures. Most are images of early and pre-pubescent girls on the nude beaches of France and the Naturist communes in Northern California. Some photo studies follow the development of young girls into their teenage years and a few are of boys and families.


Hard cover, Black/White $65.00




Immediate Family by Sally Mann Of all the images made since the invention of photography, the vast majority are concerned with family records. In these masterful photographs of Sally Mann's three children, the truths this exceptional artist reveals transcend her specific family and border on universal myth.

Softcover, Black/White $24.95


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