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Naked Celebrations:  Children Day,  Birthday Party,  Group Swim Party,  Holiday Festivals.

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Russian Children's Day

This annual celebration for naturist children has been taking place for more than 100 years in Russia.   The girls from the teen web team filmed this year's event.

60 minutes DVD $60.00





Happy Birthday Petra

Vlasta and David have gathered together a very lively group of Petra's friends to celebrate her 10th birthday.

    60 minutes $50.00





gong6x.jpg (15594 bytes)Gong Hotel Pool Party
A first time released Eurovid video.  As this nudist group steps off the bus, you know that fun times are about to begin.  Pool games, sport and disco madness are all on the menu.  Come join us.

60 minutes $60.00





italian4.jpg (24775 bytes)Italian Festival FKK

Galaxie Club hosted over 200 nudists in this spirited salute to our Italian friends all over the world.  The spirit of Italy was alive with music, food, dance exhibition and more.  The kids had a ball and their parents helped make it a day to remember.

60 minutes $60.00



pat8.jpg (28293 bytes)FKK St. Patricks Day

Very possibly the greatest St. Patricks day party you've ever seen.  Over 450 naturist family members in attendance.  Crazy party games, traditional Irish music, dancing till the cows come home, and over 3000 green balloons make this the ultimate in St. Patricks Day celebrations.

120 minutes (2 cassettes) $120.00



Christmas Jamboree

A special day for the hundred of so juniors, followed by the young at heart, who lined up to be greeted by Santa Claus.

   90 minutes $50.00



Holiday Youth Party

Young people really know how to party, but it was even more fun when everyone was invited to join in.

   90 minutes $50.00



Happy Nude Year

A New Year's Eve gathering for the record book. A rip-roaring good time. Huge turnout.

   60 minutes $50.00




Festival of Masks

True Mardi Gras atmosphere where the only things worn are masks. Wall-to-wall revelers.

   60 minutes $50.00




Halloween Party

Pranksters and jokesters. Lots of paint to go around. Ghoulish masks. Games for the young 'uns.

   60 minutes $50.00




Christmas Party

'Tis the season for the kids to be jolly. Santa, dancing, musical chairs. Huge turnout.

   60 minutes $50.00




Masquerade Carnival

Mardi Gras naturist-style. Pose-down for best makeup and "costumes". Energetic.

   55 minutes $45.00




Own This VideoLatin Limbo Party
Close to 300 nudists gathered to celebrate the energy and joy of latin music.  Limbo contest, dance parade, merriment and fun.  Full family participation.     

60 minutes $60.00




sumren2x.jpg (16642 bytes)Summers End Blowout
The summer is over but the spirit of naked holidays lingers.  Join us as hundreds of nudists celebrate and party and keep the energy of summer alive.   An amazing tribute to nudism.  Full family participation.

60 minutes $60.00




moravn1x.jpg (19296 bytes)Morovian Dance Celebration
A hotel ballroom filled to the brim with naturist people.  True party atmosphere with live band, dancing and fabulous electric spirit.  Full family participation.

60 minutes $60.00






Body Painting 93

Happy group of naturists create colorful designs using each other as living canvases. Festive afternoon.

   60 minutes $45.00



granma1x.jpg (19964 bytes)For the Love of Grandmother
Some of our favorite nudist grandmothers are saluted by their daughters, granddaughters and friends at a local celebration.  Brimming over with love.  All female.

60 minutes $60.00




aqua5x.jpg (16116 bytes)Aqua-Fest

A swimming pool brimming over with naturist families is the setting.   Fun and excitement are the passwords.

60 minutes $60.00




a04.jpg (19772 bytes)Christmas Kinder Spiele

Kinder spiele (children's games) is exactly what you'll find in this rousing video.  Join Santa, the Angel and Satan as hundreds gather for games, music, presents and friendship.

60 minutes $60.00




atwins01.jpg (17560 bytes)Happy Birthday Twins

A very large birthday party packed to the max with naturist families to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Grimovy twins.  What a day!

60 minutes $60.00




haunted2.jpg (27725 bytes)The Haunted Fun House

A real haunted house is the setting for this festive tribute to ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night.  Dozens of masked nudist families enjoy their day together with music, goulish antics and fun galore.  A perfect Halloween nudist video.

60 minutes $60.00



18 copy.jpg (17057 bytes)  

ivana.jpg (8642 bytes)
"The Night of Love"


15 copy1.jpg (11052 bytes)
29 copy.jpg (18690 bytes) This night long celebration centers around a bonfire with plenty of food and dancing. An ancient Pagan tradition designed to improve crop fertility is enjoyed these days by many Russians as a cultural link to their past. Thanks toRussia's infamous 'White Nights', celebrants only have a couple of dark hours to bask in the glow of the fire. The sun never really sets this time of year in St. Petersburg.

approx. 1 hour Video $60.00
DVD $60.00

06 copy.jpg (18970 bytes)


32 copy.jpg (16949 bytes)  

karelian copy.jpg (8158 bytes)
"The Morning after Ivan Kupala"


30 copy.jpg (20139 bytes)
15 copy.jpg (22374 bytes) Ivana Kupala celebrants enjoy another day in nature around Karelian Lake. Then it's back to the beach for horse back riding some interviews with Mikhail and some sun.

approx. 1 hour Video $60.00
DVD $60.00

05 copy.jpg (17171 bytes)

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