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Nudist Photos and Books Presenting full color images of Naturism, by famous photographers like Jock Sturges, Ed Lange, Sally Mann, David Hamilton, and others!

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holycvr.jpg (33592 bytes)holy1.jpg (54586 bytes)Holy Nature
A Celebration of Naturism in Today's Russia

This well written book presents a group of people,  in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia,  who call themselves 'The Free Body Culture Society'.  Filled with large color photographs of the men, women and children who make up this 'Society', this book brings the unique group to life for the reader.   Concerned with the health of their environment, the Free Body Culture Society Members are also the founders of the Russian Green Party.   They spend their social time enjoying ancient 'Rus' festivals, sunny days at the beach and Russia's famous 'white nights' around the bonfire.  Some events photographed in this book include: 3 females in the country, Children's Day at the beach, Ivana Kupala (The Night of Love), and a Naturist Wedding.  As well, their are interviews of the photographer, Mikhail Rusinov, and child naturist, Alla.

Color, Glossy, 120 pages  $29.95

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jock2000coversmall.jpg (13715 bytes)jock2000asmall.jpg (9539 bytes)Jock Sturges: New Work 1997-2000

Building on his first monograph, Jock Sturges, presents us with a new body of work that strikes the same chords of beauty and evolution that we find in his earlier images, but with a more intense dramatic and metaphoric intention. The new photographs include diptychs of clothed/nude models, pictures of true mutual trust, as well as never-before seen color photographs! This large format book takes direct aim at Jock Sturges' long-standing vision as his large format, 8x10 view-camera always demanded the large exhibition prints that were to follow. Thanks to the brilliant combination of computer-driven advances in modern printing techniques and the old-world attention to detail and craftsmanship, this book sets a new standard for the reproduction of artworks.  

Hardcover - 112 pages - Very Large Clear Color and B/W Images (December 2000) $55.00


Family Naturism in Europeby Ed Lange This book is by the same author as Family Naturism in America but displays the nudist lifestyle in Europe. Covering all of the best locations and wide variety of Naturist activities, this book a nice pictorial. About half of the pictures are in color.

Softcover, 96 pp $24.95




Nudist Magazines of the 50's & 60'sby Ed Lange These collector's editions bring back the days of early nudism. The photos illustrate a time when adults and children experienced the freedom of social nudism in large numbers.

Softcover, color and b&w, 92pp. $24.95 each





Fun in the Sun This book presents a collection of photos from nudist beaches, camp grounds, boats, and backyards. The photos are from the 70's and 80's.

Softcover, color, 64 pp. $21.95







Canada Naturally the Book By Richard West 120 color pages filled with photographs of Canada's naturists. The photographer makes a special effort to include family and children activities and events.

Softcover, color $24.95





Growing Up Without Shame by Dennis Craig Smith and Dr. William Sparks This book is invaluable to anyone who is interested in learning more about the psychological and emotional effects of growing up in a nudist family. It includes interviews and photos with children and families from nudist families along statistical data from the authors' research.

Soft Cover, 66 b/w photos, 221 p.p. $19.95





twenty.jpg (6271 bytes)
Twenty Five Years of an Artist by David Hamilton This reprint of the 1993 title is, without a doubt, the most complete collection of David Hamilton's work. Over 1,000 images along with text describing the history of the artist and his work. If a collector planned on owning just one Hamilton title, this would be the title to choose. Copies of this title sold for as much as $400 after the original printing sold out.

Hardcover, Color and Black/White, over 300 pages, 9" x 11 1/2" $55.00




Virtually CD Issues #1, #2, #3 and #4 on one Collector's CD by Richard West This new format for Naturist magazines offers an excellent value for those who own computers and use the internet. Combining his first issues of Virtually on one CD, West provides the viewer with over 650 megabytes of images, video and articles on Naturism.   Issues #1 and #3 have already sold out as single issues and are now only available on this CD.  Issue #3 contains the following articles: The Beach Scene in Spain, Growing up Naturally - Naturist Kids, How To Introduce Friends To Nude Living - Recruiting Youth, and Australia: Nude walk to Protestors' Falls.  Information about Issues #2 and #4 are below.

Compact Disc (requires any computer with a CD drive) $40.00



virtcover2.jpg (18266 bytes)Virtually - CD  Issues #5-8  by Richard West  

Similar to the first four issues, this CD is packed with hundreds of Naturist images, videos and articles.  It contains everything on the following CDs all packed into 1 CD:  issue#5 Growing Up Virtually Nude, issue #6 Virtually Back to Spain, issue #7 Tarzan of the Nudists Virtually Nude Brazil, and issue #8 Virtually Nude at the Beach.

Compact Disc (requires any computer with a CD drive) $40.00




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